Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The various 'DERVISH' DANCES have a certain appeal to specific types of humanity that,along with the special music accompanying the movements, open up certain 'centers' in the body but the contemporary ear and eye of most does not allow these 'influences' and 'impressions' to penetrate beneath 'the crust and veneer', armour and coating, that shield persons from the experience(s). Contemporary culture, whether viewed as 'scientific-technological-digital-electronic-mechanical-etc' or 'philosophical-religious-spiritual-psychological' or 'political-economic-historical-medicinal' etc. etc. etc., has rendered things in a monolithical, monomaniacal, monotonous manner....still some mass produced items will enable persons who seek them out, to find a few things that they can drive into the shell(s) that surround them and keep away the 'forces' of certain energies not usually perceptible to others in these main streams of endeavor and confinement.

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