Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The various 'DERVISH' DANCES have a certain appeal to specific types of humanity that,along with the special music accompanying the movements, open up certain 'centers' in the body but the contemporary ear and eye of most does not allow these 'influences' and 'impressions' to penetrate beneath 'the crust and veneer', armour and coating, that shield persons from the experience(s). Contemporary culture, whether viewed as 'scientific-technological-digital-electronic-mechanical-etc' or 'philosophical-religious-spiritual-psychological' or 'political-economic-historical-medicinal' etc. etc. etc., has rendered things in a monolithical, monomaniacal, monotonous manner....still some mass produced items will enable persons who seek them out, to find a few things that they can drive into the shell(s) that surround them and keep away the 'forces' of certain energies not usually perceptible to others in these main streams of endeavor and confinement.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Fakirs, Dervishes, Sufis, Monks,etc. have all pursued THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR as history will show, despite those who insist that such do not really exist or did not exist. Arguments about this still persist and it might well be a futile task to take any specific position on such without actually embarking on such Paths or Ways....but few of us will ever do this....such WAYS & PATHS are simply not acceptable to moderns and to governments who seek to control all human behaviour(s).


Many techniques and methods exist to create a certain ecstasy,especially through motions and dance patterns, as well as the vibrations of special music, played in unique ways, styles and on varied,unusual instruments.....such states may also be termed 'mystical' and some Mystics take to THE WAY OF THE DERVISH, WAY OF THE SUFI, & THE WAY OF THE YOGI....only a few take to THE WAY OF THE MONK....but,whatever they term or consider themselves, they have to accept the conditions and stipulations of such Paths...often and usually with no inkling of where they will end up....such emotional emphasis can be described as 'feel good' in the popular sense, but true ecsstacy is much different, of course, and should fill one with a deep sense of awe...something the modern world has forgotten and perhaps never will know, save in some extreme circumstances.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010


THE WAY OF THE DERVISH can also be linked to the WAY OF THE FAKIR, WAY OF THE SUFI, WAY OF THE YOGI,etc. and perhaps it is only a difference in world spellings or terminology that any real distinction can be made....except,of course, when the 'religious' aspects are pasted and painted on to the foundations, which can be esoteric and occult, but actually refer to the three usual bodies of man: the physical, the mental and the emotional.....Greater differences will be seen, maybe, if at all, when it comes to what many consider 'higher' centers: such as, sexual,higher emotional, higher intellectual or mental, 'soul-center'( a construct or 'ark'),moving center(s), and Conscience/Consciousness,etc. all merely terms for things few understand, can use or develop without intense and dedicated training, ordeals, trials and tests, and a lot of 'intentional suffering' which is usually completely misunderstood by everyone who attempts to gain experience or insights and not remain resting on soft cushions and sofas and couches, where various media interrupt their 'important' thoughts.....